Which Sites Are Free?

The best adult dating sites have apps.

It’s easy to think that this is because they have the most funding. They like to think their importance come by being the ones who can branch out easiest and get noticed in the sea of for-profit online dating pages. Maybe that’s true, but all the best apps are free to download. Besides, that is not what should concern you when signing up for profile after profile to get noticed. What you are concerned about is engaging in consensual activity with another adult and every adult in the age demographic you want has a smart phone.

More than the availability is the portability. Ignored at a party, drunk at a bar, bored at work? There’s that familiar ding of a push notification and, even when in the middle of a conversation with an attractive person on a date, that notification will eat away at its recipient when heard. There in the back of the mind is the temporary belief that they are wanted by someone else who might even be more attractive. More worthy of your time. Just… MORE. Are you disappointed when you check as your date excuses themselves to the bathroom? Almost always…. but you checked. And that is what an app can do when a web-exclusive site is only checked by the chronic masturbators who take the time to switch windows from the porn they are too cheap to drop any money on.

So what apps are the best? It all depends on what you are seeking.

To start out with, only use the apps that have been around for awhile. The new ones pad their profile pages with fake entries in an attempt attract more users. Might Badoo, Happn and Skout eventually be better apps than most of their counterparts? Yes, but not yet.

There is the reliable hook-up standby: Tinder. Its reputation is well earned. Countless users are there for its easy-to-use interface and for the intention of sex. Maybe somewhere in the back of the profile listings might be a few there for a relationship and there might even be one or two claiming to use the app to finding nothing more than “friends” but, honestly, it’s used for the quick hook-up. It’s free to download and targets people in your area.

If your pockets are flush and you are wanting to meet someone who also has some money to throw down on an app, Zoosk might be better for you. Though it is free to download, chatting requires an upgrade. A pain? Definitely. However, it does give you the impression whoever shows up to meet you at the bar from this app at least has the money to buy you a few drinks.

Then there is OKCupid. It’s one of those “respectable” apps that you can feel comfortable about if a coworker finds your profile. It will, no doubt, say you are there for a “relationship” and– who knows? –maybe you could find one on their app. Still, it is also great for meeting another adult for nothing more than a night.

If the thought of an unashamed profile appeals to you but all the questions and surveys on OKCupid overwhelm you, have no fear. There is also the Plenty Of Fish app. It’s like OKCupid lite. Make your profile as intricate or as simple as you want, just be engaging whenever you interact and it will likely work for you, too.

Like most people, you will invariably have a profile on several of these sites. Make them different enough that you will at least have something to talk about when someone (and someone definitely will) calls you out on the disparities. “Which is it,” they will say, “are you a test pilot or a traveling carnival builder who words the state fair circuit?” And that is what you will discuss over drinks.

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